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Brathadóirí (6x26min) broadcast in Autumn 2008 on TG4

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"Brathadoiri is an intriguing and pacy series that succeeds in casting glimmers of light into the dark corners of modern history that are likely to remain shrouded in mystery in the understandable interests of safeguarding the Northern Ireland dispensation."
Liam Fay The Sunday Times 21st June 2009

"Dark well put together series on informers"
Emanue Kehoe The Sunday Business Post 7th June 2009

For over 30 years we were bombarded with news coverage of the Troubles. But very rarely did we ever actually get to learn the real truth as to what was going on behind the scenes, for this was the world of the informer, a world controlled by the intelligence services

With first-hand candid accounts from a wide range of former security personnel, former members of the KGB, RUC, MI5 and British Army, Brathadóirí the series – produced with the support of the BAI - gives a rare and shocking insight into how the intelligence services used informers during the Irish Troubles. Brathadóirí shows how informers themselves were often victims of a deadly game, a game in which unknown shadowy intelligence figures determined who should live and who should die.
Tríocha Píosa Airgid / Thirty Pieces of Silver, tells the story of how in the early 90s the MI5 paid an Irish informer nearly half a million pounds to lure a number of INLA men into a trap.
Coinsias / Conscience, tells the story of one-time IRA intelligence officer Eamon Collins and what eventually led him to betray his comrades and become an informer.
An Cluiche Marfach / The Deadly Game, tells the story of how elements of the security forces were prepared to sacrifice the life of a young girl from Portadown, in order to protect the identity of one of their informers.
An Badger / The Badger, reveals the real reason why no action was ever taken against a garda who claimed in 1987 while serving on the border that he breached garda policy and passed information on Republican paramilitaries to British Intelligence.
An Láimhseálaí /The Handler, tells the story of a garda who handled a key informer inside the Real IRA, and shows how in this deadly game the informer can sometimes be the only friend a handler has. 
Críoch Cluiche/ End Game: using new evidence, this programme examines Stormontgate and shows how Sinn Fein senior member Denis Donaldson was not the only informer operating in Stormont at the time.

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