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Only one man from a Northern Ireland Ulster Unionist tradition has ever  served in an Irish Government in Dáil Éireann. This mans name was Ernest Blythe, a man whose unique political insight and remarkable achievements, we have curiously, failed to recognize. Enigma de Blaghd aired on TG4 in April 2015 but a longer version will air on BBC NI some time later in 2015. 

Enigma de Blaghd is a coproduction between Scun Scan Productions and Imagine Media in and was co funded by TG4, BBC NI and Northern Ireland Screen, through the Irish Language Broadcast Fund.  

The popular image of Blythe as being unreasonable, ruthless, heartless, tight-fisted and a man with fascist tendencies though partly accurate, takes no account of how this same man's intervention on two occasions saved the Irish state, nor does it recognize, the unique significance Blythe placed on the Irish language, and how in his role as Government Minister he perhaps did more than anyone else to ensure the language survived.